venerdì 17 maggio 2013

Sanguie, Burkina Faso: materials for civil registration have been delivered by Sant'Egidio

The commitment of Bravo! The program for birth registration of the Community of Sant'Egidio for the strengthening of civil status in Burkina Faso.
At the end of the national campaign that has seen about three and a half million new registered people, of whom 62% children, the program continues towards the stabilization of the registration system in the entire national territory.

This new phase was inaugurated by the delivery in rural municipalities in the province of Sanguié of cabinets, office furniture and the materials required for the registration: stationery, blank forms and recording tools donated to the registration offices to facilitate the work and the preservation of documents. 
Delivery of documents for registration in Dydir Municipality
Some state offices, which had been damaged in the riots of 2010 (or that were damaged for other reasons) were also repaired and thus fully operational. This donation was possible thanks to the support of the municipalities of Pavia, Bosco Marengo (AL), Andora (Sv), and the province of Pavia.

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