venerdì 6 maggio 2016

The Burkina Faso Ethics Committee approves the BRAVO! research on civil registration in Sanguié Province

Registration immediately after birth is essential to ensure childrens' rights from the start, yet in Burkina Faso and in most low-income countries almost all registrations occur with late procedures, sometimes even many years after birth.
Sant'Egidio, through the BRAVO program! is carrying out a pilot intervention in the Sanguié province of the Center-Ouest region so that all children can be registered as soon as they are born.
In the municipalities of Réo and Godyr, civil status offices have been opened in all health centers, to allow immediate registration to all children born or vaccinated there.
The Ethics Committee authorised a research on the evaluation of the impact of this action. It will thus be possible to study the effectiveness of the action and evaluate the improvements to be made for its extension to wider areas.

Read more:
Study Protocol (French)
Ethics committee approval (French)

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